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ZENMED® Derma Cleanse® System

Acne treatments can be as simple as changing the type of soap you use on a regular basis to serious prescription medications. Many times the severity of your acne and your previous courses of action will determine what your next step should be. If you have tried, every topical treatment known to man it may be time to consider prescription treatments for acne. However, before you commit to a long-term affair with Accutane you might want to check out the Derma Cleanse Acne system.

zenmed derma cleanse reviews
ZENMED® Derma Cleanse® System created for all skin types to help impart a clearer complexion from within.

Derma Cleanse

This acne treatment is actually a three-part system, which includes a dietary supplement, cleanser and acne gel. The first part of the treatment is the herbal supplement, which you should take three times per day with your meals. This supplement seeks to attack the organic cause of your acne, kind of an inside out approach.

Next is the acne gel, which you should apply to your face at night, just before going to bed. This thin layer will work topically on problem areas. If you notice peeling skin you should begin using only every other night. Finally is the acne skin cleanser, it is recommended that you use this gentle cleanser twice per day, once in the morning and again before going to bed.

Compared to Other Treatments

One thing you will notice immediately about Derma Cleanse acne treatment system is the lack of certain ingredients. Many topical acne treatments include sulfur, petrochemicals and peroxide, none of which are present in these products.

The Derma Cleanse system was created using substances that are not as harsh on your skin such as witch hazel, Salicylic Acid (plant based) and balm mint. Another rare thing you will find with Zen Med and their products is a complete ingredients list on the website, there is nothing hidden whatsoever.


The most important question on your mind is simply does the product work? With few exceptions, it seems the answer is yes. Even customers who had been experiencing great success with prescription medications have made the switch to the Derma Cleanse acne treatment system with good results. That being said you should be prepared to continue the treatment for at least 3-6 weeks before you will see a noticeable difference in your skin.

It is also recommended that you follow a good diet plan in addition to using this acne treatment, Derma Cleanse is not dependent upon this recommendation but the site clearly points out that your results will be much better.


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