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LifeCell or Botox: Decide for Yourself

To Botox or Not to Botox?  Some are asking that very question right now.  Walking their fingers through the cosmologist pages in Yellow Book, wondering whether having needles stuck in their faces, having Botox squirted into their faces, and watching their wrinkles vanish away.  But is Botox really worth it or LifeCell?

LifeCell smooths wrinkles away, boosts the skin natural buoyancy, adds moisture, and makes one look younger with just one application.

LifeCell or Botox?

First of all, what is Botox?  The name Botox is a trademarked name for Botulinum toxin A, a neurotoxin involved when a person gets an infection of botulism from eating poisonous food.  This neurotoxin Botulinum toxin A (Botox) causes paralysis in the patient if they have eaten too much bad food.

When this toxin is injected into the skin, in small amounts, it causes paralysis of the face muscles for a somewhat extended period of time.  This is why Botox has received so much acclaim throughout the skin care industry recently for its strange effects on the face.

But can Botox be dangerous?  Not terribly, but some have reported paralysis in their face muscles that distorted the way they looked.  And if you look at the before and after pictures that float around the Internet of people who have had Botox injections (especially some stars), you’ll see that they may have looked better before.

Botox Alternative

So it does come down to an informed decision.  But before anybody goes off and gets Botox injections, LifeCell Skin Care should be considered.  Just as many stars as have chosen to go the Botox route, there have been a thousand more that have chosen to use LifeCell.

It is different from Botox because it doesn’t involve needles, isn’t messy, is considerably cheaper, and does not come with the margin for potentially totally screwing up the way your face looks.  Nobody wants to walk around with a mouth that has one-half down and frowning, and the other half lifted, like they just stepped off a Batman set after having fallen into the Joker’s acid bath.

What is the Best for Anti Aging ?

LifeCell is just as effective as Botox.  It smooths wrinkles away, boosts the skin natural buoyancy, adds moisture, and makes one look younger with just one application.  Botox does not come with the wonderful affects of Vitamin C (not in the form of ascorbic acid, but rather the more expensive and much better quality, needed Ascorbyl Palmitate) and Glutathione and rarely-occurring-in-nature Ubiquinone.  It cannot heal skin, help it grow, or protect it in the long run.  It is very temporary.

Therefore, LifeCell is the answer to the Botox conundrum.  LifeCell is harmless to the skin, does not provoke irritation, and is used by all the top names in Hollywood and around the world.  Although some people do Botox now, some of those who Botox also use LifeCell from time to time, or daily.  So really, the decision has to be made on a person to person basis, but LifeCell is certainly an ample replacement for Botox therapy and can be used as a stand alone treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.


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