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Exposed Skin Care Treatment Products Reviews

Even though acne is commonly referred to as a teen problem, the truth is anyone can get acne. Young people are more prone to this skin condition due to hormonal imbalances and changing physical characteristics, but adults can and do get pimples as well.

This is a skin problem that has been around for generations, and there are thousands of treatment options to show for it, everything from apple cider home remedies to harsh chemical peel treatments have been used in the battle against acne, with mixed results.

Exposed Skin Difference

Several years ago, a group of skin care professional came together in Seattle Washington looking find a better solution to the skin condition known asacne. They worked closely with skin professionals at every level including dermatologists and chemists until they came up with the Exposed Skin Care line of products. Today they have one of the world’s finest skin care product lines available.

The major difference between Exposed and other blemish treatments is that it does not fight with your skin. You see many acne treatments contain harsh chemicals that strip essential oils from your skin, leaving it dry and damaged looking. Exposed does not, using a proprietary blend of natural substances this product seeks to help your skin become balanced and blemish free.

Three Step Process

Exposed acne treatment is actually a three-step process that begins with detoxifying and cleansing the skin with sage extract, pro vitamin B5 and salicylic acid. Step two continues the process by exfoliating the skin, restoring the natural PH balance and providing antioxidant protection for skin cells. The final step of the process involves killing the bacteria that causes acne and protecting the skin from recurring pimples.

How Long

Many people want to know when they can expect to see results. Exposed Skin Care states most results will be seen within 2-5 weeks of use. Of course, individual skin issues will play a role in this time frame, you may see results more quickly or yours may take a full 6 weeks of treatment it really varies. Often time’s customers will say they see immediate results but then the acne actually worsens for a few days. This is a perfectly normal reaction to change, since many acne sufferers have skin that is extremely sensitive to any kind of change and acne may flare up.

Once you begin to see clearer skin, you can reduce the number of times you use the product to once a day or a few times per week, whichever you are most comfortable with.


One way you can tell a lot about a product before trying it is to check out the company’s guarantee. Most products have limited 30 or 60-day guarantees, but Exposed Skin Care is so convinced you will love their product that they offera solid one-year guarantee. If you use the entire product and still do not have clearer or smoother skin you can return the empty kit for a refund of the purchase price, this of course will not include shipping. You will be hard pressed to find a more solid guarantee than that!


There is no reason to suffer with acne with so many great products available. Before you decide on which product to use you will want to take into consideration the ingredients, price, customer reviews and guarantee of the product. The better a product scores in these areas the more likely you are to have found a decent treatment option.


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